Become a Jury on IOA

Guide the next generation of contributores
of a Greater India.

What do we mean by a Jury?

A Jury is a Mentor cum professional expert who may evaluates submissions coming online on IOA and shares constructive feedback that helps participants to make their work better. At IOA, lot of young contributors of society pitch their ideas against challenging problems. They not only invest their time and energy, but at the same time they wish to learn more on how to make their contribution better. A Jury will help to bridges this gap.

Why to become a Jury?

We believe that there are numerous contributors present in Greater India in each field who are participating in growth of India along with giant organised community.

As a Jury on India Online Awards programme, you IOA Team and the entire creative community of Nominees and Voters to do better in their professional careers by sharing your expertise. The participants not only listen to your advice to the problem at hand, but your philosophy and guidance extends through IOA's ever growing community. Your constructive critiques are available for young students and emerging professionals from world over.

Get in the prestigious spotlight

Your name and practice is featured on our India Online Award page with over Lakhs of annual visitors.

Share your immense Knowledge

Share your expert insight based on the nominations brief and prior expertise on the served campaigns.

A personalized souvenir

On completion of each successful year of jury, we send across a customised souvenir or certificate symbolising a fruitful collaboration between your practice, mentorship support and the India Online Award.

Dueites & Responsibility of jury

The jury will act as a whistleblower of NGO and have to keep an eye on each nomination procedure and have right to contribute his vote also. In needful cases juries votes will be deciding.

Friendly interface

A simple dashboard to access all the projects, and no emailing of entries or heavy downloads. The evaluation dashboard is compatible to various devices including mobile devices as well.

A token of honor

Jurys have always been at the pristine spot in India Online Awards Team. Practically nothing can be above then a badge of Jury in a Award competition. Thus, to mark the position and extend our appreciation, we send a momento of honor certificate to our esteemed jury members.


Most frequently asked questions and answers
We expect our jurors to be proficient in their field of expertise. For that, we look for 5-10 years of working experience in that field. However that isn’t a fixed number and we make exceptions on case to case basis depending on your qualification level and command over subject.
No, our entire evaluation process is completely online and would not require any sort of paperwork. You aren’t require to print any scoresheet or entries either
We don't have any restriction as of now. The jury members are picked by the curatorial committee of IOA in case of needful requirments.
Before assigning any judging task we may ask about your engagement dates a few weeks prior to the judging process and we accommodate that in the schedule. You will have ample time to finish the judging review in time span of over 3-4 weeks, we hope that you will be able to complete your judging in the successfully.
We review your professional expertise, works, education information and interest fields based on the competition brief in consideration. The invitation list is crafted based on these parameters and our outreach section connects with you.
The judging criteria are standardized based on general Nominees and Nomination evaluation before and after successful Online Public Voting. You can add various evaluation parameters based on your understanding how projects can be better evaluated by employing various evaluation angles.
Yes of-course! You can connect with us on and our Radium team will converse with you over this idea and process separately.
Just let us know a bit about yourself and your topic of interest by filling this form. Someone from the team will reach out to you within 2 business days.